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Bearings come in all shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of machinery. They are essential in directing the movement of parts within machines and help each part carry large loads efficiently. You can find them in automobiles, computers, construction equipment, and even refrigerators. They help bear weight and minimise friction so that machines can do their work more efficiently and last longer. Bearings are able to reduce friction because of their round shape and smooth metal surfaces. Not only do they help machines to run smoothly, but they also increase the speed at which they can operate.

Bearing Suppliers and Distributors

Bearing suppliers and distributors can be found all over the world, but none can match the quality and service provided by the International Bearings Group of Companies. We have a large selection of quality brands that outshines all other suppliers and distributors. Because of our diverse bearings collection, we are able meet the needs of any client, especially those in the automotive, industrial and agriculture industries. We can supply bearing kits and units depending on the unique need of our clients, and have been doing so for over forty years. And because of our relationship with manufactures around the world, we can provide solutions to even the most special bearing requests.